Last Friday, March 25th, was the fourth and final Friday of the month of March, making it the final Friday of my Big Friday project. The goal was to publish a longer than normal writing piece on each Friday for the month of March, and I am pleased to say that I succeeded in that goal. Trying to regularly generate one of these longer writing pieces turned out to be a good exercise and gave me a chance to test myself on how much I could write each week. That said, though I passed my own exam, it certainly required exertion. For example, the Borderlands 2 and Donald Trump posts went through many revisions and I’m still considering a few edits to smooth out some of the rougher parts of them. The PSX 2015 post wasn’t overly hard to write, as it was just me recounting an event, but it took quite awhile to type out and I had to make some calls on what details were the most important to include. The only “easy” post from the Big Friday project was the Wood Photo Transfers one, but even that one required a lot of proofreading and wrestling with Blogger to get the images to appear correctly.

Going forward, I’m thinking it will be a good to continue in the pattern of Big Friday and attempt to produce one longer writing piece per week, but I’m not going to hold myself to it if I don’t have something substantial to say. There may be weeks where my thoughts haven’t come together in an acceptable fashion, I’m short on time, or maybe I simply don’t have a lot to say, and if that’s the case then I won’t overburden myself with having to create good content where none exists. I also don’t want to waste the time of you, the reader, so there will be no longer writing pieces that exist purely as filler material.

This particular week I’ve got a lot going on, so I’m going to exempt myself from publishing a longer post on Friday, but I’ve also been gathering some ideas for future Friday posts. There are a number of things I’ve been thinking about writing on and maybe this is finally the time to get around to writing them. I’m not sure which one I’ll do first, but starting on April 8th I hope be back on the Big Friday schedule.

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