Today the American Republic stands at a juncture point. Today we choose who will lead us for the next four years, with the two leading candidates having demonstrated themselves to be supremely unfit for this role. On one hand we have a corrupt politician who has proven herself above the law, and on the other hand we have a populist buffoon who can’t keep his mouth shut. Neither is trustworthy, but after today one of them will be our president-elect. May God have mercy on us.

When the sun rises tomorrow the world will already be flooded with peoples’ thoughts on the election results, with those who supported the winner celebrating the supposed victory of their ideologies and heralding a new era of presidential politics, and those who supported the loser bemoaning the choice other voters made and lamenting the rotting of the America Republic. Those attempting to stay neutral will offer explanations for how and why the election results came out as they did, and there will soon be a race for people to publish books and documentaries on this entire election cycle. As for me, I’m going to restrain myself for at least a week before I give my own input, if any. Don’t expect a reactions writing piece tomorrow, or any time soon. A debacle of this scale requires time for thought, and perhaps after awhile I’ll decide it’s best to just keep my mouth shut on this election’s final results.

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