I’ve been watching bits and pieces of Fox News. Now, before you drive your daggers into me while repeatedly screaming “SHAME!” let me explain to you why. Almost all of my television exposure these days happens at my gym. One of the elliptical machines I like to use has a TV screen on it and during my workout I prefer to select a channel that can be watched without taking too much of my focus off my workout. Oftentimes this means putting on CNN or ESPN, however with CNN it seems that the channel is now exclusively devoted to tearing down the presidency of Donald Trump. While I’m no fan of Trump myself, I would like to see what else is going on in America and around the world, and Fox News meets that desire. Yes, I’m well aware of the conservative bias inherent in Fox News, much like I’m aware of the liberal bias inherent in MSNBC and to a lesser degree in CNN, but at least Fox News isn’t pretending that nothing else besides Donald Trump is going on. You might even be surprised to learn that not all the people I saw on Fox News are supportive of Donald Trump. Then again, I guess that really shouldn’t be surprising, seeing as how Fox News falls more in line with the Republican Party establishment, which Donald Trump certainly is not a part of.

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