Certain media outlets, such as CNN, seem to have dedicated themselves to making sure that not an hour goes by without them talking about allegations of nefarious connections between the Trump administration and Russia, and if I didn’t know any better I’d swear that we had conclusive evidence of Trump committing acts worthy of impeachment. The problem is, we apparently don’t. There are plenty of possible Russian connections and potential misdeeds by people surrounding Trump, but as far as I can tell we still don’t have anything on Trump himself. With no actual indictments, (at least, not at the moment) all this screaming about shady dealings tied to the Russians makes me wonder if the Russia conspiracy is being somewhat overhyped by the mainstream media. As someone who doesn’t like Trump, I’m biased against him and thus more inclined to believe stories like the ones being peddled to us by the mainstream media, but I can’t come down hard on Trump about this matter without solid proof. I need a smoking gun, and at the moment we just don’t have it. Should that smoking gun ever be found, however, I’ll be sure to publish a follow-up writing piece to this post.

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