One other thing I found notable about Trump’s 2018 State of the Union speech was the incredible level of discipline shown by the Democratic Party. I didn’t see them stand a single time when I glanced over at the video of the speech and afterwards I read that Democrats indeed stayed seated for the entire duration of the speech. Nothing could get them out of their chairs—not even Trump going against his own base and expressing support for a path to citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. I get it that the Democratic Partly hates Trump and there’s a political tradition in Washington of the opposition party not being too amicable during State of the Union speeches, but the Democrats took things to a whole new level during last week’s speech. That night they publicized themselves as a political party with only one defining mark—opposing anything Trump stands for, no matter what it is. On one hand I’m disappointed with them, but on the other hand I guess I have to give the Democrats a strange commendation for maintaining such a high level of party discipline. I don’t think I could have stayed seated if the president expressed support for a political cause that was near and dear to me.

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