Last week we had another school shooting in America and very predictably we had persons from the political Left screaming for more gun control while persons from the political Right were saying that the immediate aftermath of the tragedy was a bad time to be having a gun control discussion and/or pass gun control legislation. For my part I think there’s a bit of truth to the claims that it’s not a good idea to talk about guns immediately after a tragedy, seeing as the conversation will be tainted by the heat of the moment, but I’m a bit frustrated that this line of reasoning is used to indefinitely postpone the conversation about guns. Even though I have no issues with people owning guns and I’d consider myself to be generally in favor of the 2nd Amendment, I recognize that gun violence and gun control are important issues that our society needs to talk about and make some tough decisions on. How much time needs to pass before we can have the conversation and start working on possible solutions? A week? A month? A year? If we wait too long there will inevitably be another incident and the clock will be reset again.

UPDATE: In the time since I originally wrote this, CNN held a townhall in Florida on gun violence. I saw footage of this event, and all I can say is that wasn’t a conversation on guns. That was a well-orchestrated public shaming of political opponents.

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