Tokyo Shibuya Hachiko

Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo Shibuya

A long subway ride brought me to Shibuya Station in the western part of Tokyo. Shibuya is probably best known as a major shopping and entertainment center and it’s also home to the famed Shibuya Scramble where up to two and a half thousand pedestrians at a time cross a large traffic intersection. Since I had arrived in Shibuya at little after 11:00am the intersection wasn’t anywhere nearly as busy as the morning and evening rush hours but I’d say there were still about two hundred people crossing each time the traffic came to a stop.

Before participating in the Shibuya Scramble I got a quick photo of the nearby Hachiko Statue. Hachiko was a famously loyal dog that waited for its owner at the same place every single day, even after its owner died. Sadly, a villainous cat was occupying the statue when I was there.

I unfortunately didn’t have much time to stick around and see more of Shibuya, so after doing the Shibuya Scramble I headed north to continue my sightseeing. When I’m back in Tokyo later this year I need to make a point of returning to Shibuya at night to see the place lit up with all the city lights.

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