Mount Hakodate Japan

On my first night in Hakodate I took the ropeway up Mt Hakodate to see the city at night. The city of Hakodate was built on a peninsula jutting out into the sea and Mt Hakodate is at the tip of the peninsula. I remember the night I went up the mountain there were several busloads of Chinese tourists who were also going up the ropeway and one of the kids in the tour group gave me some of his candy. I said “Thank you” and he replied, “You’re welcome.” While his knowledge of English was probably limited I was still impressed that he was learning a second language at such a young age.

Up on the summit I made my way over to the observation point looking out over Hakodate. The lights of the city were like a river streaming away from the mountain and then spreading out onto the mainland. I’ve read online that Mt Hakodate is regarded as having one of Japan’s best nighttime views and I’m willing to vouch for that claim. When I’m back in Hakodate this year I’ll probably go up the mountain again, though I’m wondering if maybe I should go up during the day since I’ve already seen what it looks like during the night.

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