Welcome back everyone. Here is a short post on my brief stay in Großschönau, a small town close to the intersection of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. There I stayed with an guy I know named Nathan, along with his family.

My three regional trains from Prague to Großschönau went off without a hitch, which is unusual given my past experience. Nathan greeted me at the train station and took me over to a little community fair that was going on, where I met the rest of his family. The event was for the children and the elderly of the community, but I got some free waffles with chocolate and powdered sugar (yum). After awhile we went back to Nathan’s apartment. His children were competing for my attention, and I did my best to accomodate each of them. Nathan prepared some barbequed meat for dinner, and his wife offered to run my laundry through their washing machine (an offer I couldn’t refuse). I spent the night in a room in a separate building, so none of them had to endure my chainsaw snoring.

The next day I got up and went to church with Nathan and his family. The service was in German, but Nathan translated for me. Afterwards we stayed around for the reception and I met a few of the other people that go there. When lunch had passed Nathan’s children took a nap and I worked on the Salzburg/Halstatt update of the blog. The kids woke up awhile later and we all went on a walk across town and up a nearby hill. By the time we got back it was almost time to eat dinner, and afterwards I showed them some of my photos (but I didn’t get to all of them because I’ve taken over 1,000 images so far and I would need a few hours to go through all of them).

The next morning I woke up on time, but closed my eyes and 40 minutes went by (in my defense I was still running behind on sleep from my late night in Prague). I ran over to Nathan’s apartment and he then drove me to the train station in Görlitz, where I got on my train to Krakow. Nathan even taught me how to say “I must go to Krakow” in German, which sounds somewhat like “eech moose nahct Krakow.”

That was it. Just a weekend break from sightseeing, but it was nice to see someone I actually knew out in Europe. I am typing this update from Berlin, and the next update will cover my time in Krakow, Poland. I will try to start the Krakow post before leaving here, but it is unlikely I will finish before my departure. When I leave Berlin I will be answering the call of Denmark, and going to Copenhagen.

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