What you’ve all be waiting for; photos from the trip. Here is the first batch of images. I took several thousand pictures while over in Europe, and since it would take too long to post an extensive collection here, I will just be posting some highlights. This first group covers London through Paris.

Departure from DIA.
Westminster Palace, Bridge and Big Ben (with Westminster Cathedral in the background).
The London Eye.
View of the city from inside the London Eye.
Tower Bridge (often mistaken for London Bridge)
Me, with the Tower of London in the background.
Buckingham Palace.
 Amsterdam train station.
Walking along one of the many canals in Amsterdam.
 The war memorial in Dam Square.
The rest of Dam Square with the royal palace and cathedral.
The famous “I amsterdam” sign.
The Haarlem Cathedral.


Arrival in Bruges.

The Bruges belfry tower.

Walking around Bruges.

Brussels – the modern city.


The Eiffel Tower at night.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Sacre Coeur Cathedral

La Grande Arche at La Defense (this is located in the Paris financial district)

The Arc D’ Triumph

Walking down the Champs Elysees

The outside of the Louvre Museum

Inside the Louvre.

The front gate of Versailles Palace

Inside Versailles.


The Normandy Museum in Caen.

Bayeux Cathedral.

The American Cemetary at Omaha Beach.

Walking Omaha Beach.

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