Polish Taxicab, what can I say of thee?
A white Volvo you were
Plain and unsightly
But your dull exterior concealed your true identity:
An old warrior who wasn’t ready just yet
To give up the fight

Your rear seat belts were usually missing
And your brakes didn’t always work
In fact a number of times I was concerned for my own well-being
But your blatant disregard for safety never stopped you from giving us a good time

Do you remember all those beach trips?
Do you remember doing donuts in parking lots?
Do you remember that one time there were so many of us that we could not all fit in the seats and we had to put one guy in the trunk? And when it turned out he was claustrophobic?

But your greatest gift of all was hidden beneath your engine.
A weapon that struck fear into the hearts of the lawless
And helped us dish out vigilante justice when the law had failed
True, it was abused on multiple occasions
But that was all part of the grandeur
Yes, it is true
You had police and ambulance sirens

Do you remember the time we saw some girls make an illegal left hand turn and we made them jump out of their seat and pull over?
Do you remember the time you screamed and those two guys started running like the police were chasing them?
Do you remember the time when you made a quick sound, a guy turned to look at us, and then he walked straight into a light post?
Do you remember the night in the canyon when you called out, and a distance police car answered?
Do you remember the time in the car wash, when we set off your sirens and then an actual police car drove right past us at the exit?

Polish Taxicab, you were the best friend of a slightly deranged Polish guy,
And his friends who were too foolhardy not to join in his madness
Wherever you are
Here’s to the memories

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