My best enemy
We weren’t always this way
It was our time in 150/151 that brought us together
The two of us
Among the eight elite chosen for that class
Running a gauntlet few could withstand
Let alone desire
You bested me several times
And yet you never triumphed
Quiz after quiz
Assignment after assignment
You came out on top
But when it really mattered, I won
It was at the end of the year that I seized victory
And won your contempt of myself
Final exams
We were all looking to score a win at the end of the season
You came to me with a proposition:
Take a fall and guarantee your victory
I gave no definite reply
But in my head I vowed to best you
And so it was when the scores came out
I was number one
And even more humiliating,
You were number three
Fast-forward a little while
It was yearbook-signing time
I wrote three separate entries in your yearbook
You wrote two in mine
I can tell which one you wrote first
And I still love reading them
The first was the generic one
Good luck, keep in touch, all the usual nonsense we write in high school
The second was a scathing diatribe
Against everything that you deemed wrong with me
The crazy (and strangely enjoyable) thing about it
Was that you were mostly right
Time passes
Memory fades
Forgive; maybe
Forget; never

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