Sooner or later the dream ends. The last 13 months have been some of the best in my life, and 2012 might go down as the best year ever. I quit my job, spent 3.5 months traveling overseas and got done so many things that simply were not possible while I was employed. I made significant gains in both intellectual and spiritual progress and even slimmed down a bit. But alas, my financials, as good as they are, cannot sustain me forever in their current condition, and the need for a source of income is upon me once more.

I am going back to work, but maybe for the last time. One thing that has occurred to me is that I did very well in planning to leave my job and travel, but I did not have as much preparation for what came after that (the “end game” as I call it). This next time around I will not be committing the same oversight. Within the next few months I plan on paying off the last of my debts. Then, preparation can begin in earnest.

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