Last night I was going over some of the photos from my trip to Europe last year while listening to Nujabes music. As you might imagine, I started thinking about taking another trip. I opened my web browser and visited the website of Deutsche Bahn, the German rail authority. For those of you who do not know, Deutsche Bahn is the definitive source of information on European train schedules. In both Italy and Spain I remember the local train ticket offices using it rather than their own national websites to check information on trains. As the melodious flow of Nujabes played in the background, I started typing in various starting and ending destinations. Paris to Barcelona. Amsterdam to Berlin. Vienna to Venice. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, and it was only for about half an hour, but something about looking up schedules and examining the maps took me back to those days before and during my trip when I would sit at a computer with my train pass in hand, and the possibilities for exploration and discovery seemed endless.

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