As mentioned in a previous post, I am approaching the end of my time of regularly playing games on PS3. After a bit over six years I am finally nearing the end of an era. It’s not that I’ll stop playing games on PS3, but I’ll finally make the transition to having PS4 and Xbox One as my primary consoles. These six years have been quite a journey. I can still remember going into Target in December of 2008 and buying my PS3. Bringing it back to my home, I slowly opened up the box, took everything out and knew good times were ahead. Though you wouldn’t have been able to tell, I was bubbling over with excitement. Despite this, I held myself back and read through all the instruction manuals before attempting to set up the system. Having paid good money for this PS3, I wasn’t going to screw things up by doing the installation wrong. I then plugged in the PS3, connected it to the TV and slowly went through the first-time setup process. A few minutes later my PS3 was up and running and I was looking at the menu screen. That’s how this journey began.

And what a journey it was. Six years of gaming. Six years of traveling to distant lands, solving puzzles, racing cars, saving the world, jamming with friends, getting lost in epic stories and shooting anything foolish enough to fall into my line of sight. I had the privilege of playing so many great games over those years; Uncharted, Mass Effect, Vanquish, MotorStorm, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Guitar Hero, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Resistance, Journey, The Last of Us, Call of Duty, Batman, Mirror’s Edge, Transformers, Sleeping Dogs, Price of Persia, Split/Second and many more. The memory of these games will stick with me as the defining entertainment experience of those six years. So on this occasion I raise a metaphorical glass and propose a toast. Here’s to you, PS3. It was fun.

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