Within the next few days, I will be announcing my resignation from the company that I currently work for. The decision to leave the company was made many months ago, but it’s always felt so far away, until now, that is. Over those months I have felt like there was big countdown clock on the wall, slowly ticking down to both this announcement and my last day of work. Now the clock has finally reached the point where each passing day feels like a big step closer to my departure. Each day I walk around the office, knowing what’s coming but having to keep it a secret.  I’ve been sitting on this bombshell for a while, but now the nervous anticipation is really building. It’s close, so very close.

Wait, what am I talking about? Here I am, writing about a routine job departure as if it is some cataclysmic event. There’s really nothing special here. This isn’t my first time leaving a job and it won’t be the last either. There is no clock on the wall and my company will be just fine without me. Any yet, it feels momentous, it feels like something big is about to happen. The world will not notice or care, but to me it is as if everything is building to this moment. And so I take another look at the wall, and there it is again, the countdown clock, steadily counting down to the end. It’s close, so very close.

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