I’ve noticed a trend over the preceding months of people saying “100%” to indicate that they completely agree with whatever was just stated. It used to be that you would say something like “I agree with you 100%,” but now it has been shortened to just saying “100%.” While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, I find it interesting that no other percentages are ever used. You never hear someone say “86%” when they largely agree with the statement just made but for a few small caveats. You also never hear someone say “15%” when they disagree substantially with a statement but grant one or two minor points. I realize this is because it would be very difficult to quantify an exact percentage for how much you agree or disagree with any given statement, and because there’s no rule requiring consistency in the usage of popular expressions. Still, sometimes I wish people would use other percentages, if nothing else for the hilariously awkward conversations they might create.

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