Inevitably, some blog posts just don’t make the cut. On my desktop I keep a folder called the Blog Graveyard where I keep the files of the various blog posts that I started, but for whatever reason decided not to finish. Some of them are ideas that never fully came together into a coherent piece of writing, some are victims of a writer’s block that I’ve been unable to overcome and some are ones that I abandoned after I realized that what I was writing somehow didn’t work or was in some way incorrect.

To be sentenced to the Blog Graveyard usually means a piece of writing is never going to be finished/published, but not always. It is possible for blog posts to be resurrected out of the graveyard and come stumbling back to the world of in-progress or finished writing pieces. My previous post (found here) on new game developers is one such post to find its way out of the Blog Graveyard. While these instances are the exception rather than the rule, I’m glad whenever I can salvage a previously failed piece of writing.

As for future recoveries, there is one project that comes to mind. Within the Blog Graveyard there’s actually a decent sized post on a game called Enslaved: Odyssey to the West that I started back in 2013. The post is just a bit over half way done and although it’s not anything special, I still hope to one day finish it. The main thing holding it up is the fact that at this point it’s been so long that I don’t entirely remember where I was going with the post and I will either need to replay the game or consult Youtube to make sure I’m remembering it correctly. If that post ever sees the light of day, it will be the biggest reclamation of writing that I’ve done so far.

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