As the day of departure gets closer for my trip to Europe, I’ve been busy trying to tie up various loose ends and make sure everything is taken care of before I leave. On the whiteboard in my room there’s a list of things that I need to get done. I’ve been working away at the list since I created it a week ago and each day I remove a few items from the list. Granted, it seems each day I remember one or two more things that I need to get done, so the list hasn’t been shrinking as fast as I would like. There is one item, however, that’s been on the whiteboard since I created the list and it has proven to be a harder nut to crack than anticipated. It is the question of Spain; specifically what days I’m spending in what cities. Spain comes near the end of my trip and I know I’ll be flying into Madrid from Istanbul but I haven’t yet been able to come up with a schedule that gets me to the places I want to go to while also making sure that I don’t show up on bad days when lots of things are closed. As I’ve been studying this problem and seeking its resolution, I am well aware that this is a great problem to have; I’m trying to figure out how to spend three weeks in Spain. Many would love to have this problem. Many more will never have it because overseas travel is beyond their resources, and I’m trying not to lose sight of this fact while I ponder this issue. Thankfully this problem doesn’t actually need to be solved prior to departure, but I’m still going to keep working at it.

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