My normal diet has little meat in it. This is not because I’m opposed to eating meat, but because I’m not willing to put in the time and money to purchase and properly prepare it. When I was in Spain, however, this policy was completely upended, and I found myself eating meat almost every day. Spain, as some of you know, has a strong tradition of producing high quality meat, particularly the various sorts that come from pigs. Perhaps most famous is Spain’s Iberian Ham, which comes from pigs that are given a lifelong diet of only acorns. Within the first few days of arriving in Spain I had tried out a few different kinds of meats and liked them so much that I kept buying more during the rest of my time in Spain. Along with Iberiam Ham, another favorite of mine was the Spanish Chorizo, which if I remember correctly, is smoked pork. When I left Spain my meat consumption returned to it’s normal levels, but for those three or so weeks while I was there, I was a carnivore.

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