Each day while I was overseas, normally before going to bed, I would spend some time writing about the day’s experiences in the notebook I had brought with me. I didn’t try to hide my journal writing and inevitably a few people asked me about it when they saw me writing. Most people, after I had told them what I was doing, would give me a reply along the lines of “Oh, ok.” Sometimes they would compliment me for my diligence and sometimes they would just move on to talking about something else. There were, however, a few times where someone would take a genuine interest in what I was doing and talk about their own writing or aspirations for writing. The one that stands out the most is a person who told me “One day, I will write my story.” I guess this person felt inspired to see me writing about my travels or just reminded of an old goal of they had set. Whether or not that person will ever do the writing they want is beyond my knowledge, but from my own experience I have to say I have my doubts. Writing seems to be one of those activities that if you continually postpone, will simply never happen. If you want to be writing in the future, you need to start writing today.

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