Having traveled to Europe twice now, there’s a number of things that I noticed I did on both trips. I guess in a sense I now have things that can be called traditions with regards to European travel, and I thought I’d share a few of them.

* Going up the Eiffel Tower on my first day in Paris
* Eating an absurd amount of gelato in Italy and beyond
* Going for a swim in the Adriatic Sea while in Split, Croatia
* Hating Venice when I first arrive, but then loving it after getting settled in
* Getting pooped on by a bird
* Taking thousands of photos, and still wishing I had taken more
* Walking until my feet and legs feel like they’re going to give out
* Missing at least one train or bus
* Reading through the Old Testament Book of Psalms
* Keeping a journal of my experiences
* Wishing I had spent more time in one place and less time in another
* Having a train ride in Spain that was as long or longer than the flight to Europe
* Eating unusually good fast food in the Balkans
* Slowly recovering my Spanish language skills while in Spain and then completely forgetting them after leaving Spain
* Walking from the Pisa train station to the Leaning Tower, getting some photos, and then leaving Pisa because there’s nothing else there even remotely interesting
* Unintentionally having ten Euro left over in my wallet at the end of the whole trip
* Falling behind on blog writing
* Brainstorming the next trip before the current one is even over

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