Back in 2013 a movie called Pacific Rim came out. The basic premise of the movie was that inter-dimensional aliens were sending giant monsters through a portal deep in the Pacific Ocean and humanity built giant robots to fight them. Having grown up watching Godzilla movies and other films and tv shows with giant monsters and/or robots, Pacific Rim was right up my alley and I liked it a lot when I saw it. Pacific Rim did modestly well in American theaters, but it made a lot of money overseas, and last year I read an article online about the studio behind Pacific Rim mentioning that it was considering making a sequel. You would think with how much I liked Pacific Rim that I would be enthusiastic about a sequel, but I’m not. Pacific Rim worked perfectly as a stand-alone film and I’m afraid that if it a sequel was ever made it would be something like The Matrix Reloaded or the second Pirates of the Caribbean – a movie that certainly has its cool moments but is fundamentally unnecessary and a step down from the original. The way Pacific Rim ended is also be problematic for a sequel, as it seemed to give a pretty definitive ending to the movie’s storyline. But, knowing the way Hollywood works, there’s a decent chance Pacific Rim 2 will one day get made. If it does come out I will probably see it in spite of my reservations. Maybe, just maybe, I will be proven wrong and it will actually be good, but I’m not counting on it.

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