Yesterday I published my 67th post to this blog for the year of 2016. That tied my total number of posts published for all of 2015, meaning this post, my 68th, officially breaks last year’s record. To mark this occasion, here’s a Star Trek gif of Data:

While it’s encouraging to break the record for the number of blog posts, I still have a ways to go before I break last year’s record for the number of words published. So far I’ve published 39,949 words (not counting the words of this post), making for an 11,559-word gap with the total number of words published last year, which was 51,508. Given the shorter length of most of the posts I’ve been publishing lately, it will probably be awhile before that line is crossed. Regardless, I’ll try to remember to periodically check my word count, and whenever I pass 2015’s word count I’ll do another brief post to commemorate the breaking of that record too.

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