A Poem

I wallow at the bottom of a dark pit
It is cold
It is lonely
I dug it with my own hands
The floor is wet with my tears
The walls echo with my cries
But not a sound escapes from the pit
I dug it too deep
The memory of others fades
They are all gone
So far away from here
Will anyone find me?
Do I want them to find me?
Which is worse?

A voice speaks to me
It says give up
It tells me there is no escape from the pit
It fills my head with lies
Another voice speaks
An old friend; angry and unrelenting
It rages against my weakness
It will not let it end this way
A third voice speaks
It knows me better than anyone
Every failure, every mistake
It tells me to look up

Your hand reaches down into the pit
I cannot see it
But I know it is there
You will not leave me in this pit
This pit of my own making
I extend my hand upward
Desperately waving
Grasping at the air
I cannot see your hand
Still, I reach for it
You will not leave me in this pit
You will pull me out
And into the light
You always do

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