While visiting my parent’s house, my mom asked me to look through a box of things that had been lying around in my old room and decide if any of them should be kept. Amongst the various items in the box was a large stack of old Lego magazines that I used to get when I was younger. As a child and teenager I loved playing with Legos and I would devour the Lego magazines that would arrive in the mail every other month or so. Looking over these old magazines brought back a lot of memories of me sitting in my room, examining the latest and greatest Lego sets that were coming out. Most of them I would never own because my parents didn’t have a lot of money or storage space, and they knew better than to buy me everything I asked for, but I could always dream of having that castle or large spaceship. Below is a photo I took of some of the oldest magazines in the collection. If I remember correctly, the one in the upper left was the very first Lego magazine I got.

One thing that I had completely forgotten about these magazines is how long my parents kept my subscription going. The magazines in the stack ranged from the years of 1995 to 2005. For some reason I thought my subscription ended earlier than 2005, but apparently not. That pile of magazines represented ten years of my life. Ten years of reading, dreaming, and pondering the possibilities. It was with a heavy heart that I agreed to let those magazines go into the recycle bin. They had no value beyond nostalgia and my forgetfulness about them was testament to how much I cared about them, but it was still sad to let them go. Another chapter from my childhood was put to rest that day. May this brief post serve as a memorial to that time.

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