It’s rare for any of my writing pieces to get comments from readers. This is completely understandable, as most of the things I write about do not demand a response. That said, I have made a few adjustments to the comments settings of this blog that will hopefully be beneficial should anyone actually want to comment on a particular post. As of now you should be able to log in through a variety of web services to type up and publish a comment. You can also leave a comment anonymously if you don’t have an account at any of the services in the drop-down menu. I’ve come up with five basic rules (listed directly above the comment box) that I ask any commenter to abide by, though I would hope that these should be common sense for anyone engaged in online interactions. Should further changes to the comments settings be needed I will try to make the appropriate adjustments, but for now I think the tweaks I have made should work for most people.

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