I realize this is a self-congratulatory post, but with how good I’m feeling I hope you’ll indulge me this time. Last year in July, I published a post called Remembering Big O, which was my recollection of a particular anime that I watched in college, and interestingly became one of the most viewed posts on this blog. The post was a formatting disaster, riddled with irregular line spacing, missing paragraph breaks, and other issues. At the time I couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong and every time I tried to fix it I would end up with one part of the post looking better, but new problems surfacing elsewhere. After nine or ten attempts, I gave up and left the post as it was. Since then, I’ve been meaning to come back and try again, and this past weekend I finally gave the problem another go. I’m pleased to report that with some effort the blog post Remembering Big O is now largely fixed, and looks the way I originally intended it to. What I ended up having to do was copy out all the text (paragraph by paragraph) to a basic text editing program, properly format it, completely delete the old post’s text and images, and then carefully copy the text back in, place the images and gifs back in their original spots, and make a few more slight adjustments before republishing the post. This wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing to be doing on a Saturday night, but I’m happy with the results. If you’ve never read Remembering Big O and are interested, I’ve included a link to it here.

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