Is there such as thing as having too much Star Wars? That question came to mind a few months ago when I saw a news article about how Disney had plans to release a new Star Wars movie every year, starting last year and going until 2020. I love Star Wars as much as anyone else, but I do wonder if having a Star Wars film every year for the next several years will take some of the luster off the brand. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, and by extension Star Wars, in 2012 I knew there were going to be changes and Disney would milk the franchise for all it was worth, but I didn’t foresee them cranking out spinoff movies in addition to a new trilogy. I can’t blame Disney for doing this, and they’ll likely rake in billions of dollars over the coming years, but part of me feels like Star Wars movies won’t be quite as special if they’re coming out on a such a regular schedule. Then again, maybe I’m wrong, and like a drug addict my desire for more Star Wars will only grow with the increased volume of Star Wars entertainment.

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