Some of you might remember that back in April I wrote about a job opening at Kotaku, a major video games media website. The job was for an entry-level writing position, and while I thought about submitting an application, I got sidetracked by other things that were going on in my life. The Kotaku job slipped to the back of my mind in the following weeks and I assumed it would be filled by one of the many candidates who are far more qualified for it than myself. Two days ago, however, on a whim I decided to take a look back at Kotaku’s job postings, and to my surprise the position was still listed as open. I knew then that I had to apply, or I would be kicking myself for the rest of my life, pondering the great what-ifs. True, the job listing could very well be a technical error, whereby the post has been filled and someone at Kotaku merely forgot to remove it, but what if it wasn’t? I quickly set to work editing my resume to try to highlight my writing experience, and also typed up a cover letter to explain why I would be a valuable employee. Then, after filling out the other parts of the application, I uploaded my resume and cover letter, and with a touch of fear and trembling, I clicked the Submit button. It was done.

What happens now? Likely nothing. I calculate my odds of success as being incredibly low, but all the same, I’m glad I did this. Should I be interviewed and then offered the job I would be inclined to jump on it, as one does not get an opportunity like this often. One day I hope to show the world what I can do with my writing, and this job just might be the place to do it.

Oh, and if anyone at Kotaku is reading this, thank you for taking the time to check out my writing. Hopefully you like what you see, and if so perhaps I’ll be speaking with you, and working with you, in the near future.

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