We all have our personality quirks, and one of mine is related to emails. In my short existence on this planet I’ve known people that have dozens, or even hundreds of unread emails in their inbox, and a few times I’ve even run into persons with well over one thousand unread emails. Personally, I have zero unread emails in any of my inboxes, (aside, of course, from those that have shown up since I last checked) and I take a strange pride in that fact. This trait of mine does not make me superior to anyone else in any way. Part of the reason why I read every email and reply to all of them that require a response is just my inner need to keep everything in order, but another part of this obsession has to do with personal pet peeve of mine. I’m not a fan of when I send out an email inquiry and then never get any sort of reply back, so I’m personally committed to not doing that to anyone else. Though I fail every once in a long while, I always try to respond within no more than 24 hours of receipt of any given email, assuming that email requires a response. I want to be known as the type of guy that at any given time can be counted on to reply to both the urgent and the mundane and not keep people hanging for too long. There will be exceptions, of course, such as when I’m traveling, but it’s a goal I continue to strive for.

Oh, and if I fail to reply to your email within 24 hours, that clearly means I’ve snapped, and I’d like you to imagine me as some sort of comic book villain who is nefariously twirling his mustache and laughing maniacally while ignoring the emails in his inbox.

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