One of the few benefits of the recent upheaval in my life us that I’ve had more time than usual to reflect on some of my daily habits. Among the habits that have been put under the microscope lately are my daily online readings. I read a large number of articles and blog posts every single day. It’s such a central part of my day that it feels weird if I don’t check in on the websites I normally visit. Each day I take in a substantial amount of information via my online readings, but maybe I’m going overboard with it. This past Saturday it struck me that I couldn’t recall much of what I had read the day before. Certainly it’s normal to not remember every last detail from any given day’s reading, but if I struggle to remember at least the basic elements then what benefit am I gaining? It may be time to rework my reading habits. What I’m thinking is that maybe I should slightly reduce the total amount of reading I do each day, but try to focus more on the things that I do read. Perhaps that will yield an increase in my recollections of what I read the day before.

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