I’ve lived in Boulder since 2004, and at the moment I’m trying to find a new place to live, ideally still in Boulder or nearby. One of the issues I’ve had is that a lot of people who have rooms for rent in Boulder are looking for typical Boulderites, and I am not a typical Boulderite. If anything, I am the anti-Boulderite. The typical Boulderite is involved in and passionate about things like hiking, skiing, cycling, running, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. While I will hike, ski, and/or go on a long bicycle ride a few times a year, and I usually do the Bolder Boulder each year, I’m more often partaking in indoor activities, such as gaming or writing for this blog.

Another issue I’ve run into is the number of listings that have the phrase “420 friendly” in them. For those that don’t know, “420 friendly” is a reference to Colorado’s decriminalization of marijuana. We all have our differing opinions on this, and for my part I can’t stand the smell of marijuana and will have nothing to do with it. This stance further limits my options.

The last major hindrance to my housing quest is the fact that I’m currently unemployed. Landlords understandably want someone with a steady income, and I don’t blame them for that. If I were in their shoes I would have the same reluctance to rent to someone who’s not working at the moment. A number of times I’ve offered to pay several months rent in advance as a demonstration of my ability to pay, but so far no one has taken me up on that offer.

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