The craze of Pokemon Go has been sweeping across America and a few other countries for the past few weeks. Pokemon Go has people wandering around with their phones, seeking Pokemon to catch and train and use in battle against other players. When players reach level 5, they choose one of three teams to join – Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct. Each team has a color and a Pokemon for their emblem. I for one refuse to play Pokemon Go, partly because I focus my gaming on the console games, but also because there isn’t a team in Pokemon Go that properly represents me. Rather than just sit around complaining, I took the initiative and created my own team, and using a 2003 edition of Photoshop Elements, I haphazardly slapped together an emblem in five minutes. I present to you Team Antagonism.

Black seemed like a fitting color for Team Antagonism (the official teams use Blue, Yellow, or Red) and for the emblem I selected Haunter, which is a ghost Pokemon. While I could have gone with a number of other Pokemon, I limited my selection to the original 151 Pokemon, as that seems to be what Pokemon Go is limited to. As an emblem, I think Haunter works well for Team Antagonism, because if I remember right Haunter is known for being a massive troll, and Team Antagonism is all about mercilessly trolling other Pokemon Go players (the other Pokemon I considered was Mewtwo, which would be appropriate if Team Antagonism took a more sinister turn). Team Antagonism doesn’t care too much about actually catching Pokemon; we just want to be an incessant reminder to other players of how dumb this game is. Team Antagonism is also a direct response to those silly players who want to create a new team that’s all about bringing people together and fostering friendship and unity. Fools.

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