You might remember that late last month I did a short writing piece about going through a background check as part of a housing application. The background check came back as I expected it to, with the alarming exception of a single criminal record from Orange County, California in the month of March. This item on the background check was clearly an error, since I had not been in Orange County in the month of March, or at any point this year, and I soon contacted TransUnion, the firm that did the background check, to file an official dispute. TransUnion had thirty calendar days to research my claim and two days ago I got an envelope in the mail with the results of their investigation. I’m pleased to report that I’ve been cleared of that bogus item and it has been scrubbed from my background check. While I’m not happy with the fact that this error occurred in the first place, to TransUnion’s credit, they did their job and fixed the mistake.

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