Ok, so I did say in a certain post back in May that I wouldn’t do any other announcements related to this blog’s word count until the end of the year, but I feel the need to make an exception for this occasion. Late last month I again updated the tally of words published on this site so far this year and to my exceeding pleasure I saw that the total had risen above 100,000 words published. There are lots of writers out there who will hit the 100,000 mark in a much shorter timeframe than I did, but for me this is quite the accomplishment. As recently as last year such a thing would have been seen as madness in my eyes. I would have done a writing piece on this two weeks ago, but I already had the Activation series of posts laid out and didn’t want to move them around, so I’ve waited until now to make the announcement. A gif accompanied the last post on this blog’s word count, and today’s post will be no different. Join me in commemorating the occasion!

Now, aside from this post, I haven’t really done anything special to commemorate this milestone, unless you count the fast-food dinner I ate on Saturday. Being mostly a nondrinker I’m not going to go out and get plastered, and being unemployed I’m not going to dump a lot of money on something fancy, but I’ll think of something to do.

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