The more I like a game, the easier it is to write about. I doubt this surprises anyone, but it is true. When I love a game the writing just flows from my mind like a river, with sentences and paragraphs seemingly forming on their own. As my enthusiasm for a game drops, the slower the flow of the writing is, and I have to put much more conscious effort into the project. A good example of this would be two of my recent gaming commentaries, one on Batman: Arkham Knight and the other on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The writing pieces for both games ended up being just over 3,000 words and if you read them you know I liked them both, but I liked Arkham Knight more than I liked Black Flag, and thus I had a much easier time writing Arkham Knight’s commentary. I would think that it’s also probably easier to write about games that are terrible than ones that are just somewhat bad, since a terrible game’s flaws are so blatant and so numerous that criticism of it just rolls off the tongue (or in this case, the keyboard). Thankfully I’ve never tested this hypothesis, and I have no intention of doing so.

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