Last week I got my very first Youtube copyright strike that rendered one of my videos unwatchable. I’m pretty sure that means I’ve come of age in the world of Youtube, and perhaps I should be honored that I finally earned one. The strike hit when I was uploading videos for last Friday’s commentary on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. For whatever reason, one of the three videos I uploaded got a strike from Activision, the game’s publisher, for a small section at the end of the video. At first I figured I’d just cut out the part of the video that got the copyright strike, but as I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the part that I would have to cut was very important to the video as a whole, and the edited version would be very awkward for the viewer. I’m completely clueless as to why that video got the copyright strike while the other two passed through without incident, and I didn’t consider it something worth filing a dispute over, so I just deleted the whole video and uploaded another gameplay clip that I was originally not going to use. From reading other peoples’ comments online, it appears Activision has been very zealous to block certain gameplay footage of Black Ops 3, though the reasons behind this are unknown.

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