You might have noticed that Friday’s writing post looked slightly different on this blog’s main page. The opening paragraph and first image were visible, but below that there was a Read more >> button and to read the rest of the post you had to click on that button. This is a new feature to this blog, and one I’ve wanted to add for some time, but Blogger, being the unwieldy beast that it is, doesn’t make it easy. There’s a setting in Blogger that is supposed to automatically do this for all posts, but despite being turned on for about a week, Blogger has done nothing. So, to make this happen I have to manually insert page breaks, which isn’t a big deal to do on an individual post, but there’s no way I’m going back and inserting page breaks for everything I’ve published up to this point. Going forward, nearly all future posts will have page breaks so that you don’t have to scroll down a lot to reach something from earlier in the week, and the number of posts displayed on the main page will be increased to ten, thus giving the reader two weeks worth of content before having to load more. The only posts that might not get page breaks are shorter ones like this, and the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. As always, feedback on this new feature is welcome.

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