With my recent completion of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, a bit over a week ago, I am finally nearing the end of the list of games in my gaming backlog that I really want to play. While there are still a few games left on the list, and more naturally will be added with the passage of time and the release of new games, it won’t be too long now before I reach the place where I have to think about when I’m going to close down my Gamefly account. I anticipate this to happen before the end of the year, and at that point the gaming backlog will start growing again. Closing the account will also mean the end of the first season of my Late to the Party series of posts, which lately have made regular appearances on this blog’s Friday editions. Whenever that happens I’m thinking I’ll do some sort of short retrospective writing piece about that first season. At some point in 2017, when I have the time and I feel the backlog has gotten big enough, I’ll reopen the account, starting the process all over again.

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