Like I said yesterday, I won’t be publishing anything about the elections results for at least a week, if at all. Instead, I’ve got a story for you.


On the right side of this website you’ll see in image in the About Me box that I use as my profile photo on Blogger and a few other services. There’s an interesting tale as to how I started using the We Are Pigeons image, and I thought I’d share it today.

A number of years ago, a friend of mine had his own blog called Feed Your Pigeons, which has since been discontinued and taken down. The name of his blog came about from a discussion he had with another person, in which they agreed that the most important thing in life was to feed your pigeons. I, however, decided to reinterpret the name to mean that the readers, such as myself, were his pigeons and he was feeding us with each writing piece he published. From that, I at one point was joking with him about creating a fake fan club for his blog, which would be called the Pigeons. Lacking the skill to create an emblem for this nonexistent group, I knew I would have to go online to find a pigeon-related image, and then I remembered an article I had read in The Economist about a group of French businessmen who were protesting taxes or government regulations or something like that, and they called themselves Pigeons. A Google Image search later, and I had found the image they were using for their movement and appropriated it for myself (and no, I have no idea why they use English words and not French). I used it primarily to troll my friend for a short while, but afterwards it just stuck around and it became the profile photo I use on Blogger and several other places. At some point I should probably change it, seeing as how I have no actual affiliation with that French protest movement, but for now it stays. Maybe when the new website is created I’ll try to come up with an actual personal emblem, rather than a borrowed one.

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