Final Fantasy XV was released recently, and along with it came a new trailer for the game. The trailer, titled Ride Together, begins as you would expect for a high fantasy adventure game, with a series of dramatic sequences accompanied by a fittingly dramatic score, but then at about the 0:52 mark the trailer makes a hard left turn. Suddenly the trailer’s tone and tempo dramatically change and the soundtrack switches to the song Fast Lane, by Bad Meets Evil, featuring Eminem. This curveball was unexpected, to say the least. I don’t normally associate gangsta rap with Final Fantasy. At first I was flabbergasted by what I was witnessing. Then my inner critic was questioning who in the Final Fantasy marketing department thought this was a good idea for the trailer. But as the trailer continued I found myself starting to like it more and more, and by the end I loved it. The musical selection was unorthodox, and on paper sounds like a poor choice, but in practice somehow it works. It’s not the best trailer of the year, but Ride Together certainly is one of the most memorable, simply for pulling the rug out from under the viewer. Below is the trailer if you haven’t seen it yourself.

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