Writing a commentary/review on a video game isn’t easy, and for me one of the hardest parts to write for any of my Late to the Party posts has been the last sentence of each writing piece. On a number of occasions I’ve gotten all the way to the end of the last paragraph, having fought a brutal battle of mental attrition to get there, and found myself completely stumped as to what to say in the last sentence. It seems like it ought to be easy—one final sentence with an overall opinion on the game and maybe some sort of flowery prose for effect—but for whatever reason that final sentence often bedevils me. Sometimes I achieve a breakthrough and compose a final sentence that satisfies me, and sometimes I’ve had to just scrape together a really awkward or cliché final sentence and just let it be. And the worst part is, because of my mental inability to see past the flaws of my own work, that bad sentence at the end is all I’ll be able to see when I click the publish button.

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