Yesterday the calendar rolled over and we all bid farewell to 2016 and welcomed in 2017. One year is done and in the books, while another awaits us, full of possibilities. I personally spent much of this past weekend slaving away for my job, but I also got a little bit of thinking and writing in, and I wanted to share with you what I’ve got in mind for much of this month.

The time of year around late December and early January is a great time for both retrospection and anticipation, and I’ve decided to do exactly that for the next three to four weeks. Granted, I missed the late December window due to various life circumstances, and it really would have been better to start writing and publishing these pieces two weeks ago, but on the other hand doing these writing pieces now does keep with the general theme of tardiness that pervades this website. What you can expect are some short to mid-length writing pieces looking back at the work I did in 2016, followed by a small number of writing pieces detailing some of the ideas I have for work to do in 2017. Among other things, I’ll announce the total word count from 2016, highlight some of my favorite writing pieces from last years, spend a whole week on my Game of the Year pick, and do a retrospective series on Season 1 of Late to the Party. Along the way I may intersperse a few posts related to other things (for example, I might do one more political post on Inauguration Day) but they will be few and far between during this period.

Thanks for joining me during my journey through the world of writing in 2016. Hopefully many more adventures await us in 2017.

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