After gathering the data for yesterday’s post on the total published word count for 2016, I took the time to see which posts of mine from last year were the longest. Quantity does not necessarily equal quality, but longer writing pieces are certainly something to commemorate, assuming actual effort was put into them and they’re not just full of fluff (I like to think my work as fluff-free, but I’ll let the reader decide that). After a bit of research, I compiled a list of the top twelve longest posts from last year, and I’ve detailed my findings below. Not surprisingly, the list is dominated by the tail end of my Europe 2015 travelogue posts and the Late to the Party series. The list is shown here in order from smallest to largest, and includes the date of the posts, the titles, and the word counts. Interestingly enough, the longest post of the year was also the first one of year.

5/20/16 / Late to the Party – Watch Dogs / 2,039 words
3/25/16 / Wood Photo Transfers / 2,041 words
5/27/16 / Uncharted 4 – The Grand Finale / 2,057 words
12/916 / Late to the Party – Tomb Raider / 2,314 words
4/15/16 / Late to the Party – Halo 5 / 2,726 words
1/19/16 / Barcelona: Finale / 2,728 words
10/21/16 / Late to the Party – Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst / 2,729 words
10/7/16 / Late to the Party – Infamous: Second Son / 2,746 words
8/19/16 / Late to the Party – The Division / 2,874 words
9/16/16 / Late to the Party – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag / 3,027 words
8/12/16 / Late to the Party – Batman: Arkham Knight / 3,187 words
1/3/16 / Istanbul: Metropolis / 3,477 words

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