We are close, so very close to the end. Today is the fourth day of GOTY Week, and that means the reveal of the final three nominees before tomorrow’s GOTY award.

And today’s nominees are…

Ratchet and Clank
If you don’t smile a single time while playing Ratchet and Clank, then dare I say you are dead inside. This remake of the PS2 original is an absolute delight to play and has some of the most hilarious weapons you’ll find in a video game, including one that turn enemies into sheep, another that cause impromptu dance parties to break out, and the trash-talking killer robot named Mr. Zurkon. With a visual style that might best be described as Pixar-esque and a classic story of misfits out to save the galaxy, Ratchet and Clank is the sort of game that reminds you why you love playing video games.
Watch Dogs
In Watch Dogs the city of Chicago is your tool to hunt down and extract vengeance of on those connected to the death of Aiden Pierce’s niece, or to just mess around with if you want to cause some chaos. With all of the city’s infrastructure and services running on a single operating system, as well as the prevalence of smart phones and other hackable devices, Watch Dogs offers a variety of ways to interact with your surroundings and tackle missions. Clearing out enemies or ditching pursuers without firing a shot is an undeniably gratifying experience, and the novelty of controlling the city never got old during my time with Watch Dogs.
Tomb Raider

Rebooting the long running series, Tomb Raider tells a new origin story for one of gaming’s most iconic characters. Lara Croft begins her story as a history nerd that has been shipwrecked on a mysterious island, but through many trials and tribulations she is steadily transformed into a hardened survivor who is just as versed in firefights and traversal as she is in historical knowledge. Tomb Raider delivers a promising new beginning for the series and works very well for people like me who are only just now jumping into the Tomb Raider games.

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