The rules for writing online in 2017 are going to remain unchanged from what they were at the end of 2016. Five writing pieces will be published each week on a Monday through Friday schedule, with the goal of one writing piece per week being a longer entry of about 1,000 words or more. Most of the time Fridays will be the days that those longer pieces go up. Exceptions to the aforementioned rules can and will be made for special occasions, unusual circumstances, and bad cases of Writers Block, but otherwise for the rest of the year that this website is active you can count on a regular publishing schedule. The new website, which will go live at some point this year, will follow the same rules as laid out here. Any changes to the rules will be publicly proclaimed, and whenever I know about a publishing gap beforehand I will also announce it (this would most likely happen whenever I travel). My name is Ricardo, and I have committed to these rules, so help me God.

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