If you were reading this blog last year you might remember that at several points I mentioned something called the 2016 Writing Project, which was a writing project related to a work of fiction that’s been in my head for over a decade now. Seeing as how I haven’t posted anything related to it since last September, some might understandably be wondering what ever happened to the project, so I think an update is in order. The 2016 Writing Project is still ongoing, and there have been bits of writing done in the preceding months—I just haven’t published anything about them. 2016 saw a lot of progress, but as a way to kick things up another notch and provide some accountability, I’ve decided that for the remaining 11 months of 2017 I have to do one post per month with some concrete information on what I’ve done towards the project. Also I really ought to rename the project, seeing as how 2016 has come and gone. Once I figure out what to call this I’ll let you know.

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