With the upcoming release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’ve realized that at some point this year it will be time for another playthrough of the Mass Effect games. Specifically, I’d be replaying the two Mass Effect games I own—Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 (I refuse to play Mass Effect 1 again because I can’t stand the gameplay). This would be my fourth time working through the series, and I’m trying to decide things like which of the six character classes I should choose, what my morality will be, and who my character will romance. In each of my three previous playthroughs I tried to change things up a little, and this fourth time will be no different. That means that for choices like character class and romantic relationships I’ll opt for something I haven’t done before. I’ll also finally not kill Kaiden, since I killed him in all three of my previous playthroughs. Below are the basic details of my previous playthroughs and what I’m thinking about for the fourth playthrough.

First Playthrough
Gender: Female
Class: Infiltrator
Morality: Super Paragon
Romance: Garrus

Second Playthrough
Gender: Male
Class: Vanguard
Morality: Super Renegade
Romance: Miranda

Third Playthrough
Gender: Male
Class: Sentinel
Morality: Overall Paragon
Romance: Ashley

(Planned) Fourth Playthrough
Gender: Female
Class: Adept, Soldier or Engineer (I’ll probably go Soldier or Adept)
Morality: Overall Renegade
Romance: Thane or Kaiden (probably Thane)

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