I hate updating my writing pieces. Maybe it’s laziness, but when I write and publish something I want it to go out into the world and stand the test of time. Sometimes, however, I am compelled to update things I’ve published to this blog due to new information or any number of other reasons. The most recent example of a writing piece that I’m going to have to update is last Friday’s post on Milo Yiannopoulos. I finished writing that post a week ago and published it on Friday, but Milo, ever the glutton for controversy, had to get himself into a whole new world of trouble, so now I need to add a few extra remarks to my writing piece on him. It’s like Milo knew I had written something about him and so he decided to troll me by doing something so outrageous that I would be forced to add some more lines to my work. [Begin Dramatic Music] Curse you Milo! [End Dramatic Music] The update should be live by the end of this coming weekend, and there will be a prominent notice at the top of that writing piece announcing the update.

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